There have been numerous serious concerns on Listeria infection cases but this has been on the rise over a long period of time once and again leading to the most serious outbreaks in the United States. Listeria has single handedly been blamed for the cause of over fifty two deaths that came from having contaminated cheese in the year 1985. It has also been blamed for the cause of over twenty one deaths as a result of having contaminated hot dogs in the year 1998, and also the death of sixteen people which came after them having contaminated cantaloupe in the year 2011 according to accurate data that was made public by the CDC.

Listeria can be defined as some type of bacterial infection which comes from a specific bacterium that is known as the listeria monocytogenes. Although only a few cases of listeria outbreaks have been able to make it to the news, exposure to the listeria bacteria is very much common. Basing on information that was made public by the CDC, the people who are otherwise very healthy can rid their body of the infection in approximately only a single week. That being said, it is very important never to ignore any symptoms that could signify a bout of listeria infection. There are roughly about sixteen hundred listeria cases which get reported in the United States every other year, and also about two hundred and fifty people who die from the listeria infection annually. Listeria can lead to extremely deadly encephalitis or even a serious case of meningitis if the infection does not get treated properly.

Listeria-MonotonousnessListeria Monotonousness can either be found on livestock feeds, in the vegetation, in the soil or in the water that the animals drink. The listeria bacterium is some sort of parasite. This means that it can be able to live in the body of livestock or of a human being for a very long period of time thus the need for regular tests to be done. One very popular type of this listeria Monotonousness bacterium is the listeria monocytogenes strain. This strain is known for causing the illness known as listeriosis. L. monocytogenes bacteria have been located in some shellfish and other types of fish, thirty seven species of mammals, and seventeen species of birds. The bacterium is hardy and is quite resistant to heating, drying, and freezing.

For one to know whether they have been infected with the virus, they need to undergo a number of tests so that it may be known if the bacterium is in their bodies, living as some sort of parasite that it is, feeding off the host who is the infected individual. Listeria infection is very dangerous especially when it comes to pregnant women, new born babies or to the people whose immune systems are not as stable as they are supposed to be.

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