Training As a Teacher at Toccoa Falls College

Toccoa Falls College is one of the Christian based colleges that prepare students for both vocational and professional occupations. Located at the foot of Northern Georgia Mountain, the college offers training in three areas: Christian ministries, Art and Science and Professional studies. This post focuses on professional studies.

Teacher Education Program

TFC offer teacher education programs including early childhood, middle grade, music education and secondary education. In addition, the teacher trainees are exposed to teacher standards and resources, professional relationships and many more. The online courses provide an opportunity to students who are working or busy with families an opportunity to pursue a career of their dream from home during their free time.

At TFC education department, it is believed that unlike other professions, teaching is a calling  thus learners are equipped with real skills tailored to enable them be true servant leaders where they serve students in classrooms, parents in offices, colleagues in the staffroom , the administration and the community. Students who successfully complete the training course at TFC are fully prepared to serve in public schools, private institutions and overseas schools.

Early Childhood

TFC has highly qualified staffs who are all professional tutors with vast experience in teaching P-5 classrooms. The tutors are committed at developing knowledge and skills that make teacher trainees to be effective tutors’ in this 21st century.  Each of the courses is integrated with Christian worldview – a course that prepares teachers to make a positive contribution and change the society for the better. Early childhood teacher trainees are exposed to a variety of skills, experiences and practice that adequately prepares them to implement a number of technologies in a classroom. Read more at

Middle Grades Education

Toccoa_Falls_College,_entrance_signTFC offers middle grades education meant to cater for the needs of the pupils who are no longer children but who are also not adults. These are children who are going through mental and physical changes that require constant advice and counseling.  The pupils should be helped to discover their talent and go through life challenges that come with this stage.  Because of this, we ensure that the student teachers are prepared to handle the children and inspire them so that they can maximize their full potential.  The teachers are exposed to various aspects of middle age, and receive training in the four major areas namely: language, social studies math, and science. The teacher students are also taught methodology and practical applications involved at this stage.

Secondary Teachers

At TFC, we offer a degree course intended to prepare students to teach in secondary schools both in public and private institutions. We also prepare students for further studies in areas of their choice. Among the subjects offered include professional studies in which methodology is covered. Teacher students are also allowed to choose teaching subjects from a wide range of subjects such as physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, English, humanities, bible education French and history. See the best Teacher Education Major in Georgia.

Learners can also choose to study music at TFC. The course prepares them to be music teachers. The music faculty has highly qualified tutors who will not just make students love music but help them become highly qualified music tutors.